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Your Partner in

Home Renovation


First in the nation service that is redefining the home improvement journey to provide savings, transparency, and trust.

Say goodbye to the fear of being scammed by contractors and worrying about losing your money. With our expert services, homeowners can enjoy a stress-free experience and complete peace of mind. 

What We Do

Our services work together seamlessly, providing support throughout the entire home improvement process from start to finish.

Quote Negotiation

Let us handle the negotiation for your home project quotes. Our team is comprised of licensed contractors and home improvement industry experts who know the fair pricing you should be paying your contractor. They negotiate directly with your contractor ensuring you get the best possible price for your renovation.

Contract Review

Say goodbye to vague home project contracts that don't provide you protection. Our team, comprised of licensed contractors and home improvement industry experts, reviews and advises on the scope, terms and conditions, and/or the services outlined in your contract so you are better informed. 

*OnYourSide Home Services is not a lawyer and does not provide legal advice. We do not review your contract for legality.

Home Project Escrow 

To ensure your project deposits are kept safe and secure, we act as a third party escrow service. We place your funds in FDIC insured bank accounts that get paid out when verifiable milestones, agreed to by both your contractor and yourself are met, and with your permission. This provides you a safety net from contractors taking your money without doing the job you paid them for. 

About Us

We exist today because we were tired of seeing our family, friends, and neighbors get taken advantage of on their home renovations. We're a family run business comprised of industry experts in home renovation, construction, and real estate. 

At our core, we believe in savings, transparency, and trust. We work closely with homeowners to ensure they are fully informed and empowered before they undertake any renovations. Our mission is to restore trust and confidence in the home improvement industry, one project at a time. 


  • What does OnYourSide Home Services actually do?

    • We're not a contractor. Think of us as an advocate, helping you get the best price with your contractor for your home renovation, making sure your contract is not ambiguous, and your money is kept safe.

  • Is there a minimum value that you look at?

    • For our quote negotiation service, we typically look at projects valued over $2,500. Under $2,500, there usually isn't a lot of wiggle room for most contractors. For our other services, no project is too big or small.

  • Do you work with HOAs, COAs, or commercial companies?

    • Yes! We're happy to help any type of association or commercial company looking to ensure they are getting the best price and be better protected.

  • Can I bring you multiple quotes I receive for my projects? 

    • Yes! We can negotiate multiple quotes you've obtained. Our pricing structure changes slightly when we negotiate multiple quotes since it's more work, but we still keep it fair.  

  • Are you a lawyer?

    • We are not a lawyer and cannot provide legal advice. Please consult your attorney if you have legal questions. We also can't verify the status of your contractor's license. What we can provide is industry expertise and ensure the scope, terms and conditions are not vague and adequately describe the project you are paying for, saving you hassle at the end if any issues arise. ​

  • How do you get paid?

    • For our quote negotiation service, we charge a percentage of the savings we achieve. For contract review we charge a small flat fee and a percentage of the contract value. For our escrow service we charge a small flat fee and a percent of the money held by us. 


Looking for answers about our services? We've compiled a list of frequently asked questions to help you understand our groundbreaking company:

Let's Get Started

Ready to save money and hassle on your next home renovation?

Our team is ready to help you today. We pride ourselves in delivering honest, transparent work that provides you savings at a reasonable cost.

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