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Save up to $30,000

on Your Next


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Did you know that homeowners frequently overpay contractors by thousands during home improvements? Don't be one of them!


OnYourSide has already saved homeowners $1,000s for their improvement projects. Contact us today to get started

Our Services

Quote Negotiation

We handle the price negotiations! Our team of licensed contractors review your quote and negotiate directly with your contractor to get you the best price for your renovation. 

Contract Review

We review your contract to ensure the entire scope of your project is clearly listed. This way, you won't have any problems when the project is finished.

Home Project Escrow 

Providing contractors deposits upfront can be risky. We act as a 3rd party and safeguard your deposits protecting you from contractor fraud.

About Us

I started this company because I was tired of seeing my neighbors get ripped off. I live in a community with an older population and contractors would overcharge my neighbors left and right. I couldn't stand seeing that any longer and realized no advocate, until OnYourSide, stood for homeowners in the renovation or improvement process. 

Pembroke Pines OnYourSide Founder


  • What does OnYourSide Home Services actually do?

    • We're not a contractor. Think of us as an advocate, helping you get the best price with your contractor for your home renovation, making sure your contract is not ambiguous, and your money is kept safe.

  • Do you work with HOAs, COAs, or commercial companies?

    • Yes! We're happy to help any type of association or commercial company looking to ensure they are getting the best price and be better protected.

  • Can I bring you multiple quotes I receive for my projects? 

    • Yes! We can negotiate multiple quotes you've obtained. 


Looking for answers about our services? We've compiled a list of frequently asked questions to help you understand our groundbreaking company:

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Ready to save money and hassle on your next home renovation? Contact us for honest, transparent, and cost-effective solutions

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