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Contract Review

Better protection

Industry expert review

Less ambiguity

We are redefining the home improvement journey to provide savings, transparency, and trust.

How it Works*

Here's our order of operations to ensure you are better protected for our home renovation:

Bring your contractor's contract to us and sign our service agreement

Our team, comprised of industry experts and licensed contractors, goes to work by reviewing your contract's scope, terms and conditions, and/or services provided to ensure there is no ambiguity or hidden terms that you should be aware of. Our contractors have decades of experience and know what to look out for.

We report our suggested revisions to you so you are well informed before you sign your contract.

Get further protected! We offer escrow services to prevent your contractor from taking your money and running. Learn more about our Home Project Escrow Services

Representative Scenario*

A client approached us with a paint contract stating her house would be painted with 2 coats of gray paint. The contract had text on the back, which appeared to be standard terms. Without reading it, she assumed it was unnecessary. After reviewing the contract, we advised her to include specific details such as the brand, type, and exact color of gray paint, as well as the application method (spray or roll) and furniture protection measures. While examining the fine print, we discovered that the paint company imposed a fee of $50 per piece of furniture for moving them to paint the walls. Unaware of this, our client would have incurred over $500 in hidden charges if she had proceeded without our review.

*Representative Scenario for Example Only. Individual Results will Vary.

*Just a reminder, we're not a lawyer and cannot review the legality of your contract or verify the license status of your contractor.

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