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OnYourSide Home Services


A service dedicated to delivering savings and preventing frustrations during the home improvement process. Powered by a hardworking team of industry experts and licensed contractors, OnYourSide is a flexible and agile service that is redefining the home improvement journey and evening out the playing field between homeowner and contractor. 

Quote Negotiation

We are redefining the home improvement journey to provide savings, transparency, and trust.

Max Kiejdan

Founder & CEO

Our work is our passion. 

Our long-standing expertise along with careful precision to detail and key ability to adapt to the ever changing environments make OnYourSide the reliable partner you want in order to achieve the best absolute price for your project and the most protection. 

Equipped with decades of experience and knowledge in the industry, we can help you along the way in your home improvement journey and achieve the most optimal results for you. 

About our founder

Max Kiejdan founded OnYourSide Home Services to promote fairness in the real estate industry, especially concerning residential renovations. Max has over a decade of various real estate experience across multiple aspects of the field including in the fields of property management, real estate valuation, and real estate brokerage for both residential and commercial properties. He is a licensed Florida Real Estate Broker. 

Let's Get Started

Ready to save money and hassle on your next home renovation?

Our team is ready to help you today. We pride ourselves in delivering honest, transparent work that provides you savings at a reasonable cost.

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